FBI Fingerprinting in Maryland

Maryland Mobile Fingerprinting and Notary offers Mobile FBI Fingerprinting Services.

FBI Fingerprinting Service

The FBI uses fingerprints to link personal identities to criminal history. Many employees are required by either the employer or state they work in, to have their fingerprints taken and submitted to the FBI for a background check.

The fingerprinting process for an FBI background check is one of the key steps to obtain your FBI Background Check. We provide FBI fingerprinting for many reasons and typically get results within 24 - 48 hours.

Types of FBI Services

Regular FBI Check - Also known as a 'Departmental Order.' Available via email, hard copy, or expedited for faster responses.

EDO - Electronic Departmental Order. FBI Background checks for non-citizens.

FBI Apostille - Typically for those traveling outside the United States.

Reasons For FBI Fingerprinting

Federal Purposes

Many federal agencies require your fingerprints to identify an individual before processing a request.

A common example is a FBI Background Check.

Out of State Requirements

If you are applying for a license or background check for a state you do not live in, your fingerprints will be required.

Foreign Countries

If you need your fingerprints taken for a foreign country, be sure you are getting them taken on the correct form. Many countries will have a specific fingerprinting form that needs to be completed.

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Fingerprinting Card Pricing

Check below to see our prices for each service.

FBI Background Check

  • Includes Official FBI Criminal History Report
  • Emailed within 24 - 48 hours
  • Mailed tamper proof copy options available

FDLE Background Check

  • Direct Fingerprint Submission to FDLE
  • Results in 1 - 2 business days
  • Price may differ dependent upon ORI #

FINRA Submission

  • Direct Fingerprint Submission to FINRA
  • Results in 1 - 3 business days
  • Firm CRD and address will be required

ATF Form-4 Fingerprinting

  • Electronically captured
  • ETF file emailed to client
  • Upload file to ATF portal for faster processing time

Live Scan/Ink Fingerprinting

  • Electronically captured
  • Fingerprint Card printed from live scan software
  • Additional cards available upon request

FBI Apostille

  • Tamper Proof Copy
  • FBI Certified
  • Expedites Available


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