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Maryland Mobile Fingerprinting and Notary offers mobile notary services for your convenience.

Notary Services We Offer


Declare to our notary that you have willingly signed a document.

Oath & Affirmations (Jurat)

Oaths or solemn promises of truthfulness made by a signer, witness, or new office-holder.

Certify a copy

Our notary will certify a copy of an original document.

Witness or Attest a signature

Signer will sign a specified document in our notary's presence after providing satisfactory proof of identity.

loan signings

Loan signing agents at your convenience for all your signing agent and witness only closings.

Make An Appointment

Fill out our contact form and a notary will respond within 24 hours to set up your appointment.

Let us visit you!
We have notaries available to meet you upon request.

Mobile Notary Pricing

Please contact our office for prices for each service.

Mobile Notary

  • Your Location
  • Any Reason
  • Professional and Prompt


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